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New From Tryon 123

 Ira Karet and his people in Tryon 123, our largest precinct, have been busy getting their precinct operations into high gear. They've been having meetings, scheduling local events, and now starting their own media operations. Check out their new Facebook page by clicking the link at the left under "Primary Links", it's the fourth one down, and make a point of checking them out every time you come to the site. 


 The median family of retirement age has $12,000 in savings. That is a terrifying figure for a country where Social Security, the state pension, pays out a maximum of roughly $2,500 a month, and pensions for both public and private employees are underfunded. 

-The Economist

Thought For The Day...

Courage without conscience is a wild beast.

-Robert Green Ingersoll, lawyer and orator (1833-1899)

Trump Bashing of the Day...


Convention 2017: A Few Photos...

 The Convention is in the books. Thanks to the (many!) who came, and to those (yes!) who contributed so generously, and to those who were there in spirit, and to those like Margaret Parker who did the little things, like send us some pictures for the website:

Our leader, then and for a new term, Pat Salomon:

One of our rising stars, the Young Democrats president Emily Hogan:

Buffet style breakfast of course, and the lines were filled with satisfied customers:

Oh yes, the crowds...


 Medicaid now provides medical care to four out of 10 American children. It covers the costs of nearly half of all births in the United States. It pays for the care for two-thirds of people in nursing homes. And it provides for 10 million children and adults with physical or mental disabilities. 

- Washington Post

Judicial Election Ballots: They're Partisan Now...

 Governor Cooper vetoed a Republican law that forced candidates for judicial elections to be listed by their party affiliation on the ballot, which Republicans have always favored and Democrats always opposed. It was Cooper's first veto, and the general assembly overrode it with ease and immediately, telling us all we need to know about the power of the governor's veto in today's North Carolina. The N&O story is here.

Since North Carolina does everything stupidly, this business of moving judicial elections from non-partisan to partisan has been done in fits and starts with no discernable logic, so that last fall's ballots had some judicial candidates listed by party and some not. Now they will all be listed by party -- unless of course the courts step in somehow and mess everything up even more. 

The real point is that Governor Cooper can save his veto pen to write his grocery list, he'll have no need of it at the office...

NC Legislature: Veto-Proof

We haven't dealt specifically with the legislative results in the state, because they haven't gotten much play in relation to the more-glamorous races, but the probability that Roy Cooper will be the next governor brings the new NC House and Senate results front and center: did the Republicans retain a veto-proof majority in both houses?

Unfortunately, yes. Democrats needed to pick up four seats in the House or five in the Senate to sustain a governor's veto, and we gained only one in the House and actually lost one in the Senate. The Republicans will still have the power to override any veto the Governor makes if they all vote together, which they genetically do.

Having Roy Cooper in the Governor's chair in Raleigh is a very good thing in a lot of ways, but blocking new voter suppression bills will not be one of them. 

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