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Upcoming Events...

Our scheduled events occur every time one month transitions into the next, with the Women's Club meeting on the last Monday of the month, the Executive Committee meeting on the Thursday following that, and the Big Country Breakfast two days after that, on Saturday. May, now, is winding down, so our events are at hand. Check the calendar, and mark the dates.

As always in May, the last Monday is also Memorial Day, the traditional gateway to summer, and it would seem a pretty dumb time to schedule anything else. Not so, though, the Women's Club meets then each year and the attendance is just fine, so come to the meeting on Monday, May 29, at 5:30 pm, at the HQ, and catch up on what's going on.

The first Thursday in June is June 1, as it happens, so the Executive Committee will meet then, at the usual time of 7:30 pm, at the HQ. There's Board of Elections business to deal with, plans for the 4th of July, and the certifiable insanity of court decisions and whatever Donald Trump has done by then. No one has any answers to that last one, but there's lots of information to share. Join us if you can.

Then, on Saturday, June 3, comes the June Big Country Breakfast, starting at 8:00 am, at the HQ. Please make every effort to attend, not only for the best breakfast deal around ($5.00 minimum donation), but to help in this important fundraising effort. 


 17 years

 Fox News ranked third in prime time for five straight days behind CNN and MSNBC; this is its longest stretch in third place in 17 years.

-Five Thirty Eight

It's Official: The Republicans Got Too Greedy.

 This morning the US Supreme Court put the final nail in the coffin of Republican "surgical precision" in racially gerrymandering our congressional districts, comfortably affirming the lower court decision that struck them down, thus ending the matter. The Raleigh N&O story is here, but it's all over the news. 

The question is what it means down in the weeds where elections actually happen, and nobody has a clue about that. There is nothing more muddled than the elections process in North Carolina, and whether this ruling made it better or worse is anybody's guess at this point. We hope for the best...

Thought For The Day...

The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do.

-Joseph Stalin

Well, Some Good News...

 The Raleigh N&O (here) tells us today that the Supreme Court has denied certiorari to North Carolina's appeal of a lower court ruling that struck down the odious Voter ID law. That has the effect of leaving the lower court ruling in place with no higer court to appeal to, and would appear to be a very good thing indeed. There's a warning sign, though:

In the ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts outlined the background of the case and noted that the court’s decision not to hear the appeal should not be seen as sending a larger message about “the merits of the case.”

We'll see how this plays out, but it could be that Roberts is telegraphing that the ruling was on very narrow grounds, and therefore that a differently-drawn appeal might succeed. We cannot be faulted for suggesting cynicism of anything surrounding this whole elections business, but let us until further notice give a tip of the cap to the Supreme Court.

And to Renee McDermott for the heads-up...

10th District ... Ours

The annual District 10 convention is going to be held on May 20, beginning at 10:00 am, at the Graham Elementary School Auditorium in Shelby. We have 12 delegates scheduled to go, and we are pleased to participate in this important event.

You know that our congressional district is North Carolina's 10th, but do you know what it looks like? This:

We're a mighty small part of it, in fact with our 15,000 or so registered voters we're pretty much a small part of everything. We're also the new kids on the block: we've only been part of the 10th district since 2013, when the Republicans pulled off their soon-to-be-declared-illegal gerrymandering. But we're here.

The district has been forbiddingly Republican: it has sent Republicans to Washington every two years since (gulp) 1969, and that involved only three people. The first two were there nearly 20 years each, and the current one (Patrick McHenry) has been there 12 and was just elected again.

But that was before Donald Trump.

Once a party seizes control of the White House and both houses of Congress, as the Republicans now have, it typically loses 35 seats in the house in the next mid-term. If the Republicans lose just 24 seats next year, they will lose their majority in the house, and the horrors of Trump start to go away. Let us make sure that the number next year is 35 again, giving us a nice cushion, and that our district is one of the 35... 


After a party takes the House, the Senate, and the White House, they typically lose thirty-five seats in the House in the next midterm. Republicans now hold the House by twenty-three seats, so, as a going proposition, they’re in trouble. They need to do really, really well. 

-Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a Republican economist and president of the right-leaning American Action Forum


 Medicaid now provides medical care to four out of 10 American children. It covers the costs of nearly half of all births in the United States. It pays for the care for two-thirds of people in nursing homes. And it provides for 10 million children and adults with physical or mental disabilities. 

- Washington Post

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